Popular medication named in defective products lawsuit

Many women in Florida and beyond have known the discomfort of nausea during pregnancy. It is not surprising that many of those suffering from morning sickness might be advised by their physicians to take certain medications to help alleviate symptoms. A recent defective products lawsuit has been filed surrounding a particular medication that has become one of the most widely used for treating symptoms of nausea during pregnancy; however, as it turns out, the medication was never tested or approved to be used in this capacity.

The drug in question is Zofran, known to be highly effective at diminishing the symptoms of extreme nausea. In fact, the drug was approved as a means of treatment for cancer patients suffering from the serious side effects sometimes related to chemotherapy. Somehow, pregnant women began taking the drug to treat morning sickness upon the advice of their doctors. Reports indicate that the drug has never been approved, or even tested, for safe use during pregnancy. Some might find it odd, then, that Zofran has become one of the most often prescribed anti-nausea drugs for pregnant women in the United States.

One woman has filed a lawsuit in a California court against the manufacturer, located outside the United States, for birth defects her daughter suffered in 2002. The woman’s physician had prescribed Zofran during her first trimester of pregnancy. Data suggests that the manufacturer was aware of more than 200 complaints regarding birth defects after women had been prescribed and had taken the drug. Those claims state that the company did nothing to update the product label even though it was aware of the complaints.

Whether Florida patients have been prescribed a medication during pregnancy or at other times that they believe has caused injury or illness to themselves or to a baby at birth, all are protected by law with the right to pursue legal action in those cases. In filing a defective products lawsuit, one is stating that one believes the negligence of another party or parties has caused an injury or illness by knowingly distributing a product in a capacity that could harm a consumer. A legal professional with experience in personal injury cases would be able to assess an individual case and offer advice as to how best to proceed when considering filing a legal claim in a civil court.

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