Construction injuries can often be prevented

Without construction workers, we wouldn’t have the buildings, roadways and other structures that we enjoy on a daily basis. These workers face very serious risks that can cause severe injuries or even death. Keeping these workers safe is a vital duty of all construction-related companies, including construction equipment manufacturers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that there are approximately 252,000 construction sites in the country on a daily basis. Those sites are where around 6.5 million people work on any average day. For these workers, hazards like scaffolding, falls, heavy equipment, and electrical components can cause serious issues if proper safety protocol aren’t followed.

One construction project that leads to a lot of deaths is trenching. Trenches pose some unique risks to those who have to enter the trench. Using protective systems, having an exit ready, and properly planning the trench are some of the ways that construction companies can keep people working in the trench safe.

Cranes and forklifts are also serious hazards. Around 95,000 employees suffer injuries each year while working on powered industrial trucks. There are around 100 deaths each year from forklift accidents such as turnovers. Crane fatalities are often associated with power line contact from the boom or load line. Being hit by a crane’s load is another possible hazard when working around cranes.

There is never an excuse to bypass required safety protocol. When construction workers are injured in an accident on the job site, they might opt to seek compensation for those injuries. If compensation is awarded, it can help to cover missed wages and other expenses related to the accident.

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