Florida personal injury: Acts of road rage a concern

Florida motorists have the right to reasonably assume that other vehicle operators who are sharing the road will conduct themselves behind the wheels of their vehicles with the utmost attention to and effort toward safe driving habits. Personal injury can occur when a motor vehicle is involved in an accident. A recent article suggests that acts of road rage sometimes lead to crashes that result in injuries.

The term “road rage” is said to have originated on the West Coast. It is now officially defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as traffic offenses meant to endanger other people or property, as well as assaults committed with motor vehicles or other weapons against other drivers or vehicle occupants. There has been a distinction drawn between aggressive driving and road rage. Acts of road rage are criminal offenses.

Some of the common traffic behaviors of those who commit road rage include regularly driving at excessive rates of speed to avoid red lights, antagonizing another motorist by tailgating and/or flashing lights at close range from the rear when the car in front is thought to be driving slowly. Honking the horn in anger or using profane language or angry words toward other motorists are also considered typical acts of possible road rage. Statistics show that such acts are most often committed by male motorists under the age of 19.

Drivers who are being bullied by someone exhibiting road rage are advised to keep their eyes on the road, avoid confrontation and practice safe driving habits. In cases where an accident has occurred and a victim has suffered personal injury, Florida law allows the injured person to file a legal claim against the motorist who is deemed at-fault in the collision. Doing so can lead to court-awarded compensation in a successfully litigated case that can be used to help alleviate costs of medical treatment, physical therapy or other expenses related to the accident.

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