22-year-old graduate killed in sudden car accident in Florida

Any time you get behind the wheel, you put your life at risk. Even if you’re paying attention to the road and making good decisions, there’s no guarantee that other people are doing the same. In times where distractions are now at a high thanks to texting and other electronics in vehicles, accidents caused by drivers who aren’t paying attention aren’t as uncommon as you’d hope. Other factors can also affect drivers, like dangerous weather conditions or the people in their vehicle, but in any case, it’s important for the person driving to know his or her limits.

Florida has been in the national news following a car accident that took the life of a 22-year-old man from Cape Elizabeth. The man had just graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology and had obtained a degree in electrical engineering, so many of his friends and relatives were in the area.

The fatal car accident took place at around 4:10 p.m. when a 51-year-old driver crossed the highway’s median and struck the 22-year-old’s vehicle. There had been heavy rain at the time, so authorities have stated that it could have been that the car hydroplaned due to water on the highway. There was no news on if the 51-year-old woman was hurt in the crash.

The news reported that there were two passengers and that someone else was driving the vehicle with the 22-year-old man inside. A 19-year-old woman was killed in the accident as well, while the other two people in the vehicle had to be hospitalized in critical condition.

Source: The Forecaster, “Recent college grad from Cape Elizabeth dies after Florida car crash,” Kate Gardner, June 25, 2015