Get compensated for your truck accident in Florida

In Miami, highways make up many of the roadways. These highways have high speeds and low tolerances for errors; a simple change of lane at the wrong time can lead to an impact during the busy times of day. As someone who uses the highway to get where you need to go, you want to feel safe, but you know that other drivers make mistakes.

When someone is negligent or makes a mistake when driving, you shouldn’t have to be the one who pays for that mistake. You’ll already suffer injuries and damage to your vehicle; the last thing you should need to do is struggle to get the compensation you need.

Whether the driver who struck you was being negligent by weaving out of control before striking your vehicle or had a few too many alcoholic drinks before getting behind the wheel, it’s important for you to know that you have the right to complain and file a lawsuit. There are many trucking regulations in place to make sure these accidents don’t happen, and a violation of those terms could lead to many penalties for the driver.

After a truck accident, your injuries could be severe; you have little protection from scrapes, head injuries and broken bones when you’re struck by a truck. The sheer weight of the larger commercial vehicle is enough to crush smaller cars and trucks. By showing the injuries you’ve suffered and how they’ve impacted your life, you can show why you deserve the compensation you’re requesting. Our website has more information on truck accidents and how to get the compensation you deserve.