Fatalities and personal injury result of Florida accident

A recent tragedy occurred on a Florida roadway that resulted in the loss of one life. Others reportedly suffered personal injury in the accident as well, but they were treated and later released from an area hospital. An investigation remains ongoing at this time.

Police say that the crash took place on Route 40 on a recent Thursday afternoon. Apparently, a vehicle was attempting to make a left-hand turn from an eastbound lane when a pickup truck coming from the westbound lane collided with it. The vehicle that was making the turn was carrying multiple passengers at the time. One of the occupants, a 57-year-old female, was taken to the hospital for emergency care but was pronounced dead later that night.

The 25-year-old woman who was driving the vehicle that was struck, and her 5-year-old daughter who was riding in the rear passenger seat, were those reportedly released from the hospital after being treated for their injuries. Apparently, the driver of the truck did not suffer any injury in the collision. There have been no reports of charges being filed thus far, though investigation continues.

Florida law protects those who suffer personal injury in a motor vehicle accident caused by another party’s negligence with the right to file a legal claim in a civil court. When a victim succumbs to his or her injuries, an immediate family member acting on behalf of the decedent may seek compensation for damages in connection with the accident. The financial stress that sometimes results from funeral expenses, medical bills for care rendered before death or other costs associated with a collision may be alleviated by court-awarded compensation in a successfully litigated case.

Source: njherald.com, “Hackettstown woman dies after car accident in Florida“, July 25, 2015