Forklift turnovers cause deaths and injuries

South Florida is an area with a lot of construction going on, and as such, there is a lot of heavy equipment in use. According to estimates by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a million forklifts are in use on job sites in the United States. Annually, almost 100 workers die and another 20,000 suffer serious injuries in accidents involving forklifts.

Nearly 25 percent of deaths involving forklifts happen when the heavy machines tip over due to unbalanced payloads, riding with the forks up too far and overloading the machinery.

Below are some ways to reduce deaths and injuries from forklift accidents.

  • Operators should not tilt the forks forward unless they are setting down or picking up a load.
  • Before proceeding, stabilize each load on the forks.
  • When moving up or down an incline, keep the payload uphill.
  • Only tilt the load back enough to stabilize it.
  • On a grade, raise and tilt the load back only enough to clear the surface of the road.
  • Be extra cautious when operating on ramps and grades.
  • Don’t lower or raise the forks when the forklift is in motion.
  • Allow room for the back end to swing around when turning.
  • Decrease speed on slippery or wet surfaces.
  • Go slower when turning and avoid making sharp turns.

Those who have been injured on the job due to heavy equipment accidents may find themselves unable to work and with a mountain of medical debts to pay. Don’t let a construction accident ruin your financial future. Fight back by filing a personal injury claim to recoup your financial losses.

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