Woman causes accident in construction zone in Florida

Construction work is dangerous, and those who do it know this when they become construction workers. What construction teams also know is that this kind of work could be made safer if others were more cautious; many of the accidents that take place happen on busy roadways during road construction.

Here’s a story about a woman who has a history of dangerous driving who caused a construction accident. At around 2 a.m., a 26-year-old woman failed to follow cues on the road and collided with a trailer attached to a truck in a construction area. The on-site inspector had been sitting on the truck’s fender well, and he was knocked unconscious. The 59-year-old said the next thing he could remember was that he was talking to paramedics at the scene of the accident.

Although he escaped with only bruises, he had to be taken to Tampa General Hospital for treatment. As someone who may have been in an accident before, you should be aware that even a minor injury can add up to a major financial impact when it comes to hospital stays. While the man says everyone has told him he’s lucky, he still had to deal with a day away from work and pain due to the accident.

The woman who struck the vehicle he was on at the time of the accident hasn’t been charged with any crimes yet. A blood test was taken but hasn’t been released to the news. If she does get cited for the accident, it will be one more in a history of 49 citations over the last 10 years. Out of those, she had only five guilty convictions, and the rest were dropped from her record.

Source: My Fox Tampa Bay, “Driver in construction crash has history of violations,” Tina Jensen, June 18, 2015