Florida manufacturers and others liable for defective products

Consumers in Florida and all other states are protected by law with the right to pursue legal action against any party that has manufactured, distributed or sold a defective product that has caused injury or illness to those who use it. Defective products can cause debilitating injuries, serious illnesses or even death at the fault of those who place those products into the hands of consumers. Through litigation, products are sometimes made safer for consumers when the court orders certain changes to made in order to protect the general public and save lives.

Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. is dedicated to helping injured consumers seek compensation for the damages they have sustained. We will aggressively fight to hold any responsible parties accountable for the harm that has been done to you or your loved ones. We offer a toll free phone number, as well as an online contact form so that you can arrange a free consultation with one of our dedicated and experienced attorneys.

Lack of appropriate warning labels, defective design or presence of toxins are among the common causes of consumer injury through normal use of purchased products. Liability cases can be complex and complicated and attempting to represent oneself in court can sometimes prove quite difficult. Our legal team stands ready to be your personal advocate as you take steps to obtain retribution for the injuries or illness a product has caused.

We have the necessary experience and skill to go up against large corporations. Our dedicated team of Florida lawyers can acquire the support of medical experts, engineers and others who can demonstrate and testify as to how certain defective products have caused injury or illness. Furthermore, you, as our client, will incur no fee unless and until we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.