Proper safety is necessary to prevent falling object injuries

Falling objects are a huge hazard around construction zones. These objects can injure workers and bystanders. In some cases, such as in the story we discussed last week, people can be killed by falling objects. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why construction companies have a duty to properly handle the risk of falling objects.

Keeping the worksite clean can often help to minimize the risk of falling objects. In many cases, falling objects are tools or debris that should have been properly stored or moved immediately.

Another way that construction companies can minimize the risk of falling objects is to secure loads. When loads are lifted, proper safety procedures must be used. This means keeping the objects stable, using appropriate straps, and factoring in environmental factors to reduce the incidence of load shifting.

It is vital that proper signage be placed in hazardous areas. Additionally, employees should verbally communicate with each other when there is going to be a falling object hazard, such as overhead moving of loads.

When loads are moved, it should be a priority to avoid shifting the load over where people are working. Ideally, the overhead loads will only be moved if the area is free of workers and guests. This means having a spotter when the move is occurring who can have the area cleared and communicate with the person executing the move.

Construction companies should make sure that all proper safety protocols regarding overhead objects are followed. This can include making sure that guests remain safe by having an approved person escort them around the site.

When a construction company fails to ensure that proper protocol is followed, injuries or death can occur. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a construction accident, you should explore your rights regarding compensation for the accident.

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