Motorcycle manufacturer issues recall for defective products

Whether Florida residents make their morning commutes in reliable, old-fashioned sedans or jaunt to work and run their errands on a sporty motorcycle, drivers have the right to assume that the motor vehicle products they have purchased are well-designed and safe to operate. A manufacturing recall has been issued by a major motorcycle manufacturing company. Those who own bikes will want to be aware of the recently published list that names the defective products.

Motorcycle lovers often consider Harley-Davidson bikes to be top-of-the-line when it comes to two-wheeled vehicles. The recent massive recall involves Harley bikes manufactured in 2014 through 2015. These models contain faulty clutch cylinders and potentially place motorcyclists at risk.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration stated that 46,000 motorcycles are on the recently issued recall list. According to the report, several accidents and injuries have occurred in conjunction with the faulty motorcycle parts. The NHTSA warned motorcyclists that the issue can become exacerbated on bikes that have been left sitting and not used for a lengthy amount of time.

Florida motorists who have been injured in accidents caused by faulty products such as cars or motorcycles with failing parts may seek compensation for their injuries by filing a products liability claim in a civil court. Manufacturers and merchants who knowingly place defective products into the hands of consumers may be found liable for injuries that occur during normal usage of the products. The first logical step in filing a claim would be to consult a legal professional for advice in the matter., “Harley Recall List: 2014, 2015 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Recalled For Faulty Clutch“, April 24, 2015