Slip-and-fall accidents can occur in a variety of establishments

Just last week, we discussed the case of the Cirque du Soleil aerialist who was killed in a fall. That story is proof that falls can lead to devastating injuries. In some cases, the injuries might not lead to death, but they can lead to serious medical problems that affect different aspects of life.

We know that nobody goes out in town or to another person’s home with the intention of falling just to get money. Instead, slip-and-fall accidents are usually caused by some hazard. In some cases, those hazards might have been ignored by the property owner. When that is the case and you are injured in a fall, you can seek compensation.

There are a variety of establishments that have a duty to keep the premises safe for patrons. Malls, government buildings, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, retail stores, cruise ships and businesses open to the public are some examples of premises that should be safe for patrons.

For people who have been injured in premises liability accidents, the point may come when the medical bills and missed wages come together to cause a perfect financial storm. That might lead some victims to seek compensation to help cover the costs of the medical care and the amount of lost wages.

When you opt to seek compensation for your injuries, you should know that you will have to show that your accident happened because of the property owner’s negligence. The concepts of foreseeable risks, building codes and medical information might all be necessary components in your claim. We can help you determine how to present your case and follow through the process with you.