2 injured in serious truck accident on the Florida Turnpike

Truck accidents can quickly cause roads to back up, multiple vehicle pile-ups and injuries that leave people paralyzed or in serious condition. If you’ve ever been in a truck accident, you realize that the impact of a truck, even at low speeds, can be intense, causing smaller vehicles to crumple or be crushed.

Sometimes, the accident isn’t caused by the truck driver, but instead by a vehicle traveling in front of him. That’s what happened in this case where one loose item resulted in several vehicles filled with people being involved in a pile-up with two severely injured victims. One woman was left in critical condition, and another man was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The major truck crash in Miami backed up the Florida Turnpike and resulted in part of the southbound lanes being shut down. The six-vehicle accident took place when a semi-trailer moved to avoid a wheelbarrow that detached from a truck and fell into the roadway. Without moving out of the way, the semi driver could have crashed anyway due to colliding with the item, but instead of waiting for impact, he swerved and went into the northbound lanes.

When the truck driver moved his semi toward the northbound lanes, he struck the median. That impact resulted in him flipping the vehicle onto its side, blocking part of a northbound lane. At that point, a sedan crashed into the semi. A van did as well, and rescue workers had to use the Jaws of Life to remove a victim of the accident who was trapped inside. Luckily, only two people were hurt badly enough to need hospitalization in this accident.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Traffic moving — slowly — on turnpike after major truck crash,” REBECA PICCARDO, April. 01, 2015