Raising awareness of medical malpractice in Florida and elsewhere

The founder of a medical mediation group was a recent guest on a program in a state outside of Florida. The man is a former litigator and health-care attorney who was offering practical information and tips with regard to medical malpractice. Those who are currently or have recently been under the care of professional medical staff can most likely benefit from the information provided.

A variety of the topics discussed on the program were featured in a recent article. One of the topics included ways for patients to determine if they have suffered from medical negligence or error. The article listed the definition of medical malpractice as patients suffering injury due to substandard medical care, as well as physicians who fail to provide care within acceptable standards.

In the late nineties, the National Institute of Health published a report stating that approximately 98,000 medical patients across the nation die, each year, due to preventable medical mistakes. The head of the medical mediation group stated that patients’ cases can often be validated through testimony offered by a physician unrelated to the negligence who can offer a professional review of a case and possibly confirm that deviation from proper care has taken place. The recent article further stated that both compensatory and punitive damages can typically be claimed in a medical negligence lawsuit.

A Florida resident retains the lawful right to seek legal consultation at any time when he or she has suffered injury or has become ill due to errors or negligence on the part of medical staff. Medical patients commonly assume that the doctors and nurses providing their care will act according to the highest levels of medical protocol and patient safety measures. Those who believe they have suffered due to medical malpractice may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

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