Cruise ship accidents or illnesses can affect multiple passengers

Recent concerns have been raised regarding repeated outbreaks of an apparent illness spreading among some cruise ship passengers. Many travelers, likely including some in Florida, enjoy commercial cruises. Cruise ship accidents or illnesses suffered on board are unfortunate occurrences on some sea journeys, and it seems that stomach viruses are among those incidences on the rise aboard some cruise ships.

A recent article stated that the Centers for Disease Control has reported 100 ill passengers and crew members aboard a cruise ship that recently departed from the West Coast. It appears that those who took ill were afflicted by a gastrointestinal illness. There were 2,117 passengers registered on the cruise. Five of those who are ill are members of the crew.

According to information provided, this is the third occurrence in recent years of a gastrointestinal illness spreading among crew and passengers on the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship. The CDC reportedly has been unable to determine what has caused the repeated illnesses. The cruise line is said to have taken measures to ensure further passenger safety, including disinfecting the ship, keeping passengers informed and sending specimens obtained from those who have been struck ill to the CDC for testing.

Florida residents who were injured in cruise ship accidents, as well as those who took ill while on board a cruise ship have the right to take legal action against any party deemed responsible for the injuries or illnesses. Typically, passengers or crew members who suffered a contagious illness while aboard a ship will want to determine whether the cruise line was negligent in maintaining an acceptable level of safety on the ship and alerting passengers of known risks. When negligent actions lead to injuries or illnesses, passengers may pursue civil claims against the cruise line.

Source:, “Mystery outbreak sickens 100 on cruise ship Celebrity Infinity“, April 13, 2015