1 killed, another suffered serious personal injury in Florida

State authorities have issued a public request, asking that any person who might have pertinent information about a recent multiple vehicle crash to call a number they’ve made available as part of their accident investigation. Southbound lanes of a Florida highway were shut down in the aftermath of the recent tragedy. One woman was killed, and a passenger in her vehicle suffered serious personal injury in the collision.

A strip of highway on Interstate 95 was the scene of the recent accident. A sedan, a pickup truck and a tractor trailer were involved. Reports thus far do not detail exactly what occurred. The Florida Highway Patrol indicated that the three vehicles were traveling southbound when they apparently collided.

A 76-year-old man who was a passenger in the sedan was seriously injured in the crash. Sadly, the woman who was driving the vehicle did not survive the accident. The drivers of the other vehicles were reported to have suffered minor injuries in the collision.

Troopers hope that witnesses to the accident will call the number they’ve made available to the public in an effort to gather more evidence in the crash investigation. Florida residents who suffer personal injury under similar conditions might wish to seek a case evaluation in order to determine whether grounds exist for filing a legal claim in a civil court. Ongoing medical care and/or therapy treatment necessary for recovery could cause undue financial stress, which might be absorbed through potential compensation awarded in a successfully litigated claim.

Source: floridatoday.com, “Merritt Island woman killed in I-95 wreck“, Chris Bonanno, March 11, 2015