Massive vehicle recall could impact Florida residents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued recall notices on Feb. 6 for 104,000 Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover North America is recalling as many as 74,648 Range Rovers from model year 2006 to 2012 due to potential brake hose issues. The company says that these fixes will be made for customers free of charge.

In addition, 2013 Range Rovers and 2014 Range Rover Sport vehicles will be recalled due to an possible issue with a brake vacuum hose. Finally, the company will be recalling 4,787 Jaguar XK’s from model years 2012 to 2015 due to an issue with rear parking lights. Drivers who have either vehicle may take the car to a dealer to have the issue fixed. All recalls are expected to begin on March 13.

According to regulators, Jaguar first noticed an issue with the hoses on the Range Rovers in November 2010. However, the company closed the case in June 2012 because there were only a few reports of accidents or injuries due to the potential defect in the vehicle. The company reopened the case in November 2014 after an accident was reported and more reports came in regarding the ruptured hoses.

Consumers who are injured after using defective products may have grounds to take legal action against the product’s manufacturer. It may be possible to obtain compensation for negligence as well as compensation to cover any medical bills related to the accident. If an individual is forced to take time from work due to the injury, it may be possible to win compensation for lost wages. A personal injury attorney may be helpful to anyone who wishes to bring a case against the manufacturer or a defective product.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Land Rover, Jaguar To Recall 104,000 Vehicles Over Braking Concerns,” Associated Press, Feb. 8, 2015