Motorcycle accident fatalities

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida, and unfortunately, a number of them are killed every year in crashes with other vehicles. Unlike occupants riding in cars and trucks, motorcyclists do not have the protection afforded by the walls of a vehicle. Even though helmets can help, motorcyclists are at far greater risk of suffering catastrophic injuries and death.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists in 2012 were 26 times more likely to die in an accident for every vehicle mile traveled. They were also five times more likely to suffer serious personal injury than were the occupants of other vehicles. The year 2013 brought 4,668 motorcycle crash fatalities in accidents occurring across the country.

Of the crashes that occur, two-thirds are caused by the negligence of another driver who violates the motorcyclist’s right of way when turning left across the lanes of traffic. As motorcycles are smaller, they are also more difficult to see, leading to many accidents caused by motorists that fail to notice motorcyclists in traffic. Since 1999, the fatality rate for motorcyclists has more than doubled.

When a motorcyclist is killed in a car accident caused by a negligent motorist, the motorcyclist’s family is left to deal with both his or her unexpected and sudden loss as well as all of the attendant financial losses that go along with it. Families may have depended on the motorcyclist’s income, for instance, and they suffer from the loss of that income. They also generally incur significant medical, funeral and burial expenses due to their loved one’s accident, and may have the costs of counseling to deal with. People may be able to recover damages by holding the negligent motorist civilly liable through a wrongful death lawsuit. Families may want to consult with a personal injury attorney.