NTSB calls for improved trucking safety regulations

Florida residents may be interested to learn of the National Transportation Safety Board’s recent call for strengthened trucking industry regulations. The agency noted that Congress weakened safety regulations for the industry, despite 3,964 deaths in 2013 representing the fourth consecutive annual increase for truck-involved accidents.

According to a statement by the NTSB at a news conference on Jan. 13, the agency is calling for more than 100 regulatory actions for trucking industry safety, including anti-collision technology, stricter limits on allowed driving hours and increased oversight of violating carrier companies. One of the key recommendations the NTSB made is for the installation of alert systems so truckers are aware of the possibility of an accident when changing lanes or when they are about to hit slowed traffic ahead.

Congress weakened regulations on the industry, including a provision limiting a driver’s hours to no more than 82 hours in an eight-day time period. In addition to stronger measures to combat driver fatigue, the NTSB is also pushing for tighter regulation of safety violators, citing a statistic that 20 percent of all trucks were found to have safety violations during inspections.

While people can be injured in all kinds of vehicle accidents, those involving a truck can bring a heightened level of risk of sustaining serious personal injuries. Trucks have a greater distance necessary to brake due to their weight, and their large sizes can make accidents especially catastrophic. In the event that a person has been seriously injured in an accident caused by a large truck, a personal injury attorney may be able to help by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Through such an action, both the truck driver as well as his or her commercial carrier employer may be held responsible for the resulting losses.

Source: Bloomberg News, “Trucking Safety Should Be a Higher U.S. Priority, NTSB Says”, Alan Levin, Jan. 13, 2015