Florida residents file lawsuit against resort after assault

A Florida man and woman are charging that they were assaulted in a hotel room at a resort, and they have filed a lawsuit against its Florida-based owner. The incident occurred in March 2014 in the Bahamas.

According to the lawsuit, a man was at the resort casino when another man tried to start a fight with him. When the first man left the casino, the other man followed him outside and started a scuffle that a security guard stopped.

The man who was attacked returned to his hotel room with friends including the woman with whom he filed the suit. An hour later, the other man and three other individuals broke the door open and attacked the people in the hotel room, beating them and injuring them severely. The lawsuit is alleging that this is a case of negligence on the part of the owner. It says that resort failed to have adequate security and that the four individuals should not have been able to locate their room in the first place.

Property owners are required to provide safe premises for their guests. If an individual is injured or attacked on someone’s property, the owner may be liable if the injury or attack is due to negligent maintenance or inadequate security. For example, a parking area might have inadequate lighting. As a result, an individual might fall and suffer a serious injury, or it might provide a cover of darkness that would result in the individual being robbed and beaten. In either case, the individual might be able to bring a lawsuit against the parking lot owners. A successful lawsuit might provide money that will cover a portion of an individual’s medical expenses as well as lost wages if the individual is unable to work during recovery.

Source: Tribune 242, “Tourists Sue Over Alleged Attack In Bimini Hotel Room”, Nico Scavella, Jan. 16, 2015