Keurig recalls 7 million coffeemakers after injury reports

In-home coffee brewing giant Keurig announced a recall of roughly 6.6 million coffeemakers on Dec. 23. The recall was announced after numerous reports of defective coffeemakers spewing hot water during the brewing process and at least 90 reports of burn-related injuries. The popular Mini Plus Brewing System K10 models with a serial number beginning with “31” and purchased between 2009 and 2014 are the specific target of the recall, which may affect many Florida residents.

Keurig’s recall joins thousands of other manufacturer product recalls stemming from defective products leading to consumer injury. Prescription drug recalls, dangerous children’s toys and automobile design defects resulting in consumer death have created a culture of fear in which consumers are more wary than ever before of what products they purchase. In addition, manufacturers of everything from pharmaceuticals to common household products are reassessing their production processes in an effort to stave off product liability lawsuits.

For these manufacturers, a product recall and even complete redesign of faulty products is not enough to make the problem go away. Consumer injury or death from defective products put out by a negligent manufacturer leave the manufacturer vulnerable to claims for compensation. This stems from the idea that if the products worked properly in the first place, the injury would not have occurred.

Attorneys practicing products liability and personal injury law often make a point of monitoring consumer recalls because these recalls may often lead to class action lawsuits. Florida consumers who have been injured by defective products may have a legitimate case for claiming compensation in court, depending upon the type of product and the conditions under which the injury occurred.

Source: NBC News, “Keurig Recalling Nearly 7 Million Coffee Makers“, December 26, 2014