Car accidents may cause whiplash injuries

Florida drivers may have heard of the term ‘whiplash” in relation to car accidents, but they may not be entirely sure what the condition exactly is or how it is caused. Whiplash is a common injury to a person’s neck, often caused by a car accident. It is not thought to be life-threatening and is oftentimes ignored or unnoticed, but it may lead to psychosocial issues such as depression or anxiety. Symptoms can include headache, shoulder pain, weakness in the arms, jaw pain as well as visual disturbances.

Whiplash can be caused by the forward and backward motion of an individual’s head and neck caused by sudden acceleration and deceleration during a crash, most often involving an impact from the rear while a vehicle is stationary. This can cause damage to bone structures and soft tissues in the neck and could potentially lead to long-term partial disability.

Lingering effects of whiplash injuries can affect some individuals for years after an incident. Some of the related costs, including that of medical care, time off work and disability, can collectively reach up to $30 billion a year.

Someone who has suffered from whiplash or other types of injuries in a car accident may wish to file a civil suit to hold the responsible driver liable. A lawyer could help a victim to seek compensation for missed work as well as any medical costs incurred as a result of the accident. A victim could also attempt to seek compensation for non-economic damages such as their pain and suffering.