Representing Florida children after incidents at school

Florida children have rights to safe, secure environments at their schools and on school buses. However, some schools are dangerous areas for the students they serve, and many students enter school grounds every day in fear of abusive peers or teachers, dangerous equipment, unsecured construction or renovation areas and other hazards.

Serious physical or emotional trauma often results from incidents at school or on school buses. These incidents may include persistent bullying that escalates to fights or serious physical abuse, accidents involving defective athletic or playground equipment, or ineffective security protocols. Your child may have suffered head injuries in a fight that school staff did not break up or that occurred in an unsupervised area. Swings or other playground equipment may have failed, causing your child to fall and break a bone. Sex offenders or other dangerous people may have been able to enter school property and harm your child because of insufficient security.

Many parents dread these situations, especially if they have submitted multiple notifications to administrative staff about harmful environments at their children’s schools. The personal injury attorneys at our firm may have the experience to evaluate your case to determine whether administrative negligence contributed to your child’s injury.

Your child may experience long-lasting consequences resulting from an accident at school. Physical therapy or other long-term medical care may be necessary to recover from injuries fully, and they may need counseling or psychiatric care following an incident of abuse or assault. Our attorneys may be able to advocate for parents and children following an accident. If you would like more information about how we may be able to help you recover compensation from your child’s school for your child’s injuries and other damages, please see our page on school accidents.

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