What conditions contribute to indoor slip-and-fall accidents?

Florida residents may not be aware of what conditions may contribute to a slip-and-fall accident. These accidents occur when the owner of a property failed to correct a hazard that they were aware of, or should have been aware of, and that lead to a guest of the property being injured.

Accidents can occur on stairs when the edges of the steps have been rounded from use, when they are missing handrails, when there are obstacles or debris left on the stairway or when they are slippery from being cleaned or waxed. Escalator and elevator accidents can happen when the equipment abruptly stops or moves suddenly and causes the passengers to fall or when clothing gets caught in some of the machine’s moving parts.

Accidents that occur on floors may happen for similar reasons. A floor may have been cleaned without proper warning signs or barriers put in place, it may have been coated with too much wax, leaving it slippery, or it may have had debris or objects left on it that individuals could have tripped over. If the floor is carpeted, then tears or holes in the carpet may also contribute to a fall.

Victims who have suffered a slip-and-fall injury may want to speak with an attorney who has experience in premises liability. An attorney could provide information with regard to what legal action the victims may have. If the victims decide to pursue civil action, an attorney may be able to demonstrate negligence on he part of the property owner. If successful, the property owner may be held liable for medical expenses and lost wages suffered by the victims of the slip-and-fall accidents.

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