Graco strollers recalled for fingertip injury hazard

Florida residents who have purchased strollers manufactured by the Graco company may have to be careful when using their products. On Nov. 20, federal officials announced that approximately 4.7 million Graco products were being recalled after the company received reports of at least 10 incidents of serious finger injuries that occurred while using Graco and Century strollers

The reports included one finger laceration, four partial amputations of fingertips and six full amputations of fingertips. The injuries were caused by a hinge on the side of the strollers that can pinch a child’s finger. Eleven models of the strollers have this particular hinge.

Officials advised anyone who had purchased the strollers to use caution when placing their child into the stroller. They were also cautioned to immediately remove their child from the stroller if the stroller began to fold in on itself as the result of an improperly locked hinge.

Defective products that cause injuries to consumers are a serious threat to public safety. Manufacturers have a duty of care obligation to ensure that their products are free of any hazards or dangerous defects that could harm consumers.

In some defective product cases, manufacturers may attempt to reach a settlement with affected consumers out of court. An attorney can help negotiate with the manufacturers in an effort to secure a larger settlement. If the case goes to court, an attorney may be able to use evidence to show that the manufacturer allowed their product to be sold to consumers despite the foreseeable dangers of a particular product. With strong evidence, an attorney can help get the plaintiff a fair settlement to defray the costs of medical treatment for injuries caused by the defective product.

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