Patterns in dog bite attacks

Florida dog owners have a responsibility to prevent their animals from attacking others, especially children. A recent study comparing the statistics on more than 300 dog bite wounds revealed patterns to the attacks that may be of interest to anyone who has been injured by an improperly trained or secured dog.

Of the 334 bites studied in the sample, 101 were to the head or neck. Most of the people who suffered bite wounds to their head or neck were children.

The study further indicated that pit bull terriers bear responsibility for more attacks against strangers and more severe attacks. No plausible reason for their statistical prevalence was advanced, and no data was provided about the relative number of dogs of this species against the other seven species identified in this data sample. However, it was noted that dog bite attacks by pit bull terriers had a tendency to cause more damage. A pit bull terrier attack was five times more likely to require surgical intervention to repair. The analysis also indicates that they were 31 percent more likely to attack a stranger and 48 percent more likely to strike without apparent provocation.

Any individual who owns a home or other piece of real estate in Florida has an obligation to maintain their premises in such a way that the ordinary visitor may conduct themselves in safety. This applies to the obligation to keep sidewalks and other passageways clear of animals that may bite or otherwise attack pedestrians. If someone has been injured by a dog or other animal while a guest on someone else’s property, then they may wish to seek the representation of a premises liability attorney to potentially claim compensation for their injuries.

Source: American Journal of Otolaryngology, “Dog bites of the head and neck: an evaluation of a common pediatric trauma and associated treatment“, Daniel C. O’Brien, B.S., Tyler B. Andre, M.D., Aar, September 25, 2014