Florida pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accidnet

On Oct. 31, a 64-year-old woman was killed in an accident involving a Ford pickup truck, authorities stated. The 7 a.m. incident occurred near Honore Avenue and Palmer Ranch Parkway in Sarasota, reportedly.

According to authorities, the 64-year-old woman was walking with her husband in the vicinity of their home at the time of the incident. They had purportedly left the sidewalk and entered the bike lane in order to avoid a lawn sprinkler. That is when a truck allegedly swerved and struck the woman, throwing her about 30 feet onto a grassy verge.

The truck left the scene of the accident without stopping, officials said. The Florida Highway Patrol apparently commenced an investigation into the event. Officials pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene at 7:23 a.m.

Certain primary family members of pedestrians who die in car accidents may consider filing a wrongful death suit in connection with the event. Even if law enforcement officials opt to bring charges against the driver at fault for the incident, this does not preclude bereaved families from seeking to hold the same driver responsible for the accident. A wrongful death lawsuit is a means for a victim’s family to seek compensation for the losses they suffered as a consequence of the pedestrian accident.

Provided that the accident victim had been a financial contributor to the family household, claimants in a wrongful death suit may seek restitution for lost earnings. In order to prevail, claimants must demonstrate to a civil court the specific damages they experienced on account of their loved one’s sudden and wrongful death. These may also include end-of-life costs, such as funeral bills.

Source: WTSP, “Woman killed in Sarasota hit-and-run”, Danica Lawrence, November 01, 2014