Commissioners vote to require low-voltage lighting in pools

After a unanimous decision, commissioners in Miami-Dade County voted on Oct. 7 to require low-voltage lighting in all commercial and residential pools. Previously, only commercial pools required the safer low-voltage lighting while residential pools could be built with potentially deadly high-voltage lighting. The new law will go into effect 30 days after the vote.

About six months before the vote took place, a boy was killed in his family’s pool after swimming towards a high-voltage light in the deep end. The light fatally jolted the boy while he was diving. Before commissioners voted, the father of the deceased boy spoke to them about the dangerous conditions that led to his son’s death. He said that his son had no idea about the danger of the pool light, and he referred to the light as a silent killer.

The father did not only speak about safer pool lighting when he addressed commissioners. He also proposed mandatory inspections of residential pools and incentives for homeowners to have their pools inspected more often. Another idea the man proposed was to encourage pool builders and pool equipment manufacturers to spread information to their customers about the potential dangers of pools.

In order to maintain a safe property for guests, the owner of a pool may want to stay up to date on all new rules and regulations concerning pools. If an accident or death around a pool was related to some negligence on the pool owner’s part, the victim or their family may have a case for filing a premises liability claim. An attorney might help the plaintiff gather evidence to prove that the accident was a result of hazardous conditions that could have been prevented.

Source: CBS Miami, “Miami-Dade Commission Passed New Pool Safety Regulations“, David Sutta, October 07, 2014