Worker seriously injured in electrocution accident

A construction-site accident that involved electrocution caused a worker to go into cardiac arrest on Sept. 24. Miami paramedics responded quickly, administering CPR to the unconscious man. Fire rescue staff had to transport the man, who was in his late 40s, to the Ryder Trauma Center located at Jackson Memorial Hospital for further medical treatment.

The building in which the man was working is located downtown and houses both the Soya & Pomadora Restaurant as well as a storage facility. Although the building is open for business, it has multiple construction and renovation projects currently occurring in the interior. The man’s coworkers stumbled upon him inside of a meter room, collapsed and unconscious. They immediately called 911 upon finding him, summoning the rescue personnel.

Although no one witnessed the actual incident, evidence suggests that the man came into contact with a live electrical wire while working in the meter room. The city’s electrical inspector as well as the local fire marshal both responded to inspect the building’s wiring and the construction projects.

Construction workers account for a large number of people in the United States each year with personal injury claims. When construction workers are injured in on-site work accidents, potential defendants include not only the worker’s employers but the building or site owners as well. When pursuing compensation, attorneys and plaintiffs may need to show that the employers or the building owners owed a duty of care to provide for the worker’s safety on the job site, that the defendant’s negligent action caused a breach of the duty and that their breach caused the damage suffered by the plaintiff.

Source:, “Construction worker shocked in downtown Miami“, Amanda Bathcelor and Troy Blevins, September 24, 2014