Multi-vehicle accident on Florida interstate

The driver of a tractor-trailer reportedly lost control of his vehicle on northbound Interstate 95 in Brevard County on the evening of Sept. 13. The tractor-trailer came to a stop across the northbound lanes after striking an impact barrier in a construction zone. The driver of another semi failed to stop with traffic and collided with at least eight cars and another semi before catching fire. The accident also caused another vehicle to catch fire. The interstate was shut down for a number of hours while the accident was cleared.

According to news sources, the driver of the tractor-trailer set ablaze was killed. One witness said that the fatal fireball was nearly instantaneous and the driver had no chance of escape. The occupants of the car were reportedly able to flee from the burning vehicle. Early reports indicated that two people were transported to area hospitals with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, and at least 15 others were treated with less serious injuries.

Semis are a necessary part of cargo transportation on today’s roadways. As more drivers take to the road, the chances for truck accidents increase. Incidents like this show how complicated accidents can be, especially in construction areas where traffic may build up and slow down.

The victims of accidents involving tractor-trailers may experience more legal difficulties when trying to receive compensation for their losses. An attorney with experience in such cases may help with some of these difficulties. Attorneys might use accident recreations to convince a court or insurance company to compensate their clients for expenses such as medical bills, pain and suffering and vehicle repairs or replacement.

SourceClick Orlando, “Interstate 95 re-opened Sunday morning Fatal accident shuts down Interstate 95“, Lisa McDonald, September 14, 2014