Florida woman seeks documents detailing misdiagnosis

Injuries and medical issues caused by medical negligence can be a tremendous problem, and one Florida woman is fighting back. The unidentified 68-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against the parties she believes are responsible for the medical malpractice that made her think she was dying.

The lawsuit seeks all documents from Florida Hospital in Winter Park that are related to her case. In December 2013, the woman went to a hospital for a routine colon exam. Tissue samples taken during the exam were apparently mislabeled either by the hospital or by the lab to which they were sent, which ended up with the woman being diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of cancer. After the diagnosis, the woman went through surgery to have a portion of her rectum removed in January 2014 and says she truly believed she was dying for a number of months.

She says she began having doubts about her diagnosis when pre-surgical biopsies of the area where cancer was falsely identified kept coming back negative, but the hospital allegedly assured her she did have cancer after re-checking the lab work. The tissue taken in surgery also came back negative for cancer, and DNA test results in May 2014 showed that she had never had cancer at all. The plaintiff alleges that hospital administration members apologized for the error but has refused to provide detailed records she would need to file a medical negligence suit.

Patients trust doctors and hospitals to treat them correctly, but when medical professionals fall short of that duty, the patients may suffer. Anyone who believes that they have been injured by medical negligence may have a case against the doctor or hospital responsible. A consultation with an attorney can provide insight as to how to proceed with such a claim.

SourceOrlando Sentinel, “Suit: Because of hospital mix-up, I had surgery for cancer I never had“, Rene Stutzman, September 02, 2014