Florida strip mall restaurant site of car crash

An unidentified man was severely injured after a car crashed into the bench he was sitting on in front of a Pinecrest strip mall on Sept. 3. According to authorities, it is still uncertain whether the vehicle’s brakes malfunctioned. The car accident¬†reportedly occurred when a female driver pulled into the lot at the strip mall on Dixie Highway. The driver’s vehicle jumped the curb, sped across the sidewalk and struck the man, sending him backwards into the restaurant’s window.

Onlookers said that the impact pushed the man’s head through the windowpane and destroyed both the bench and the frame. A couple inside of the restaurant had supposedly moved only minutes before the crash, potentially preventing both of them from injury.

One witness said it appeared that the man’s legs were broken and bleeding. He was taken to the Kendall Ridge Medical Center by helicopter. His condition at the time of early reports was not given. Police have expressed hope that someone in the community might identify him.

Authorities tested the brakes on the woman’s car after she claimed that they did not work. No further information on the brakes’ condition was available. A police representative said the mall layout might be partially to blame. It is uncertain whether she will be charged, police said.

A driver has the obligation of maintaining their vehicle to avoid accidents. If the manufacturer produced faulty equipment, they may be negligent as well. An attorney may assist an individual hurt in a car accident recover medical costs due to their injuries by reviewing accident data and car maintenance records. If negligence is involved, the attorney may file a personal injury lawsuit.

Source:¬†WSVN.com, “Car crashes into Pinecrest restaurant, 1 man airlifted“, September 04, 2014