Forklift injures Florida landscaper

A 59-year-old Cape Coral man suffered serious injuries when a forklift struck him on Aug. 28 at 10:30 a.m. The man was taken to the hospital after the incident occurred. Reports say that he was working in a construction zone in Sarasota County on Interstate 75. As he bent over, a forklift approached and was unable to stop. The forklift was being used to lay down sod in the same construction area.

The forklift connected first with the man’s pant leg, causing him to fall. The leg then became stuck under the forklift’s left front tire. Reports do not indicate what injuries were suffered or how long the man may have been hospitalized following the construction accident.

The construction accident may create a number of physical and financial challenges for the worker who was injured. Workers’ compensation provides for coverage of medical costs incurred in cases of a work-related injury in the construction industry, which may make it beneficial for an injured victim to file appropriate paperwork to ensure that he or she will receive benefits. It is important to recognize that if a workers’ compensation claim is filed, the ability to file a personal injury claim may be forfeited. Similarly, an individual injured on the job who decides to file a personal injury claim may forfeit the right to also file a workers’ compensation claim.

Personal injury litigation may be warranted in a case of reckless or intentional actions of others on the job. Each case is unique, and it may be helpful to consult a lawyer prior to making a decision or filling out paperwork if there is a concern about such issues. In some cases, a personal injury suit may be advisable, and in others, it may better to make use of workers’ compensation benefits.

SourceWZVN, “Cape Coral landscaper seriously injured by forklift“, August 28, 2014