Filing a Florida premises liability suit

Florida residents who have suffered injuries in accidents at stores, nightclubs, someone’s home or other privately-owned buildings often struggle with pain, emotional trauma, medical bills and other damages through no fault of their own. Victims of accidents, violent crime or other incidents may be able to file a premises or security liability suit if they can provide evidence that a property owner failed to secure the building.

There are many instances in which a property owner could be held liable for damages an injured person suffered on their property. You may have been injured in a drunk driving accident because a bartender served alcohol to someone who was obviously intoxicated. Your child may have had an accident in an unsecured private swimming pool. You may have been the victim of a violent crime in a nightclub or parking garage because it was understaffed with security personnel. Our attorneys use their knowledge of building codes, property safety requirements, risk management and other best practices when arguing your case.

Many premises liability suits end with settlements instead of court proceedings. However, it may be necessary for an attorney to present your case in court, particularly in the absence of clear evidence such as surveillance footage or witness statements. Our committed legal teams include experienced attorneys, expert witnesses, investigators and other staff who are ready to support you at all stages of litigation, including the appeals process.

Many people injured in accidents on commercial or private property are interested in exploring their legal options. Our attorneys may be able to guide accident victims through the process of filing a successful case against negligent property owners. If you would like more information about premises and security liability, please see our page on premises liability.

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