2 injured after car barrels into South Florida gift shop

Authorities reported that a car recently crashed into the front of a Miami Beach shop. The August 11 incident transpired at approximately 7 a.m. and left two people with injuries.

Details about the incident were not clear in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Police indicated that investigators are looking into whether there was a traffic accident that preceded the incident and if any other factors ‘played a role” in the event.

Reportedly, the shop is located at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue. That is where two passersby were injured when the vehicle barreled into them just before crashing into the front of the store. Emergency personnel transported both individuals to a hospital for treatment. The extent of their injuries was not clear immediately following the event. The driver involved in the incident did not report suffering any injuries and remained at the scene to talk to officials, authorities said.

Due to the amount of force involved in car accidents, it is plausible that the two pedestrians struck in this case may have suffered life-threatening injuries. That is because accidents involving pedestrians often inflict catastrophic injuries upon the pedestrians In many cases, these injuries include broken bones, trauma to the brain and damage to other internal organs. At any rate, these accident-related injuries often require intensive and long-term medical treatment, leaving victims to deal with both physical pain and financial stress.

However, victims of pedestrian accidents may seek civil remedies for pecuniary damages concomitant to their injuries. For this reason, many victims retain the counsel and resources of a personal injury attorney. This type of lawyer may help bring a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for the accident. If successful, victims may receive financial compensation.

Source: CBS Miami, “Two Hurt After Car Plows Into Souvenir Shop“, Marybel Rodriguez, August 11, 2014