Florida 2-car cash kills both divers

Two motorists in Florida were killed in a serious accident that occurred on July 28. According to local reports, the wreck happened on SW 8th Street on the Tamiami Trail during the morning hours. Police said that speed might have been a factor in the severity of the collision as the debris from it spanned about 300 yards. Investigators searched through the wreckage in order to locate a logo that could help identify the make and model of one of the vehicles involved.

Witnesses say that a Mustang driven by a 25-year-old Miccosukee man was traveling westbound at a high rate of speed when it veered into the path of a Chevy Silverado pickup. The 46-year-old man driving the pickup and the Mustang driver were killed by the impact of the collision.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. Reports indicate that the Mustang driver had been previously charged with marijuana and had been ticketed for driving 22 miles above the speed limit. According to a Florida trooper, this car accident is the third fatal wreck involving a Miccosukee tribal in the past three months.

Family members of someone who is killed in a crash may elect to file a wrongful death claim against the motorist accused of causing the accident. If the at-fault driver also dies in the wreck, it may be possible to file the claim against that individual’s estate. Evidence that might be useful in supporting a claim may include witness accounts, toxicology reports and crash reconstruction documents. Compensation could be awarded to a family for the loss of companionship, funeral costs and the loss of future income.

Source: CBS Miami, “Two Dead After Violent Crash On The Tamiami Trail“, July 28, 2014