Florida interstate accident leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Officials pronounced a driver dead at the scene of a July 27 accident in Boca Raton. Authorities said that the 5:30 a.m. accident on Interstate 95 injured another driver as well.

According to authorities, a 2001 Lincoln Town Car was stopped and perpendicular against traffic on southbound I-95 when a Mercedes sedan traveling south on the interstate struck the Lincoln near Palmetto Park Road. Following the collision, emergency personnel transported the 23-year-old Mercedes driver to Delray Medical Center, reportedly. The 32-year-old driver of the Lincoln suffered fatal injuries in the collision.

The extent of the 23-year-old driver’s injuries was not disclosed immediately following the accident. Nor was it immediately clear why the Lincoln was stopped in traffic on the interstate. Police indicated that their investigation into the event is ongoing.

The investigations accompanying incidents like this one are critical, especially for the parties involved in the accident who might be eligible to pursue civil action. People who suffer damages as a result of a car accident caused by another party’s actionable behavior may seek financial compensation for those damages in civil court, and so it is important to determine what caused an accident and who was at fault.

If further investigation into this July 27 case were to conclude that the most significant factor contributing to the accident was a defective auto part, then certain family members of the driver who died may retain a wrongful death attorney and file suit against the manufacturer of the faulty auto part. In this way, bereaved family members may seek restitution for economic damages they suffered in connection with the fatal accident. These damages may include but are not limited to the expenses associated with the decedent’s funeral service and estate administration.

Source: CBS Miami, “One Dead After Crash On I-95 And Palmetto Park Road“, July 27, 2014