Florida motorcyclist dead after hit-and-run

A motorcyclist died in Sarasota after a hit-and-run involving a sedan occurred on July 12. The accident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. Police initiated a search for the hit-and-run driver but had not found the individual by evening.

A 71-year-old local man was riding his motorcycle westbound when he stopped in traffic at the intersection of Bee Ridge Road and Lockwood Ridge Road. As he proceeded through the intersection, a Honda sedan collided with the back of his motorcycle, which became caught on the car. The Honda then proceeded westbound on Bee Ridge Road while dragging the motorcycle about 250 feet. An emergency crew took the motorcyclist to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead despite having been wearing a helmet.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers immediately began a search for the sedan, which was last seen traveling west on Bee Ridge Road away from the scene of the accident. Officers said that the driver would likely face charges once the investigation is complete and the driver is found.

Families of deceased hit-and-run victims may struggle with feelings of grief for their lost loved ones and anger at the drivers responsible. Many families may not have the opportunity to mourn properly after their relatives’ deaths because they must also deal with the expenses of burial and any final medical treatment that victims received. Families of hit-and-run victims may feel that they have no option to seek compensation when the drivers responsible cannot be found. However, personal injury attorneys could provide victims’ families information about what actions they might take with their own insurance providers.

Source: WWSB, “Authorities looking for driver in fatal hit-and-run crash“, Daniel Feingold, July 12, 2014