Florida hospital accused of negligence after patient is strangled

A 32-year-old patient in the psychiatric ward at Aventura Hospital was reportedly strangled to death by his 31-year-old roommate on June 26. The body was discovered by housekeeping staff, and police charged the roommate for first-degree murder. The man’s family is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that the hospital was negligent, failing to provide a safe environment.

The family believes the hospital should have taken precautions to protect their relative from a potentially aggressive patient. The deceased man was admitted for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder after displaying depressive behavior and refusing to eat. The roommate’s reason for admittance was not specified, but the family’s lawyer says the man has 12 arrests on record, including a previous incident involving assault.

The family says lack of supervision allowed their relative’s death to occur. They claim the hospital acted negligently by exposing a patient to a dangerous person and taking too long to respond to the incident. According to a statement the family made to media outlets, if hospital staff had supervised or regularly checked the room, they might have been able to stop the attack or resuscitate the patient. The grieving mother and her attorney say that the patient’s suffering was preventable and that he was subjected to a miserable death.

The cause of action in this case suggests that the hospital is liable for damages because the facility failed in its duty to provide a safe environment for a patient. If the courts find that the hospital was negligent, it might be ordered to pay the plaintiffs for damages associated with the death. Individuals who have suffered losses under similar circumstances may benefit from have the case reviewed by a lawyer. That lawyer could evaluate the situation and provide advice regarding the best way to pursue compensation.

SourceCBS Miami, “Family Of Man Killed At Aventura Hospital Takes Legal Action“, Joan Murray, July 11, 2014