Senators push for childproof packaging of liquid nicotine

Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and others have filed legislation that would make childproof packaging a requirement for liquid nicotine. According to a statement released by Nelson on July 10, the concentrated liquid nicotine used in vapor smoking devices is highly toxic. Nelson says that some of the dangerous products hold enough nicotine to kill a small child and could even make a child extremely sick if the liquid was spilled onto their skin.

With the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, supermarkets across the country are carrying vials of liquid nicotine in easy-to-open containers. Many of the products are sold in flavors that are tempting to children, such as Gummi Bear, Cotton Candy and Fruity Loops. Senator Barbara Boxer says that the brightly colored packaging and fruity flavors of many of these products is partially responsible for the alarming increase in e-cigarette poisonings.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers has reported a rising number of calls about liquid nicotine exposure. During the entire 12 months of last year, there were 1,351 calls, and this year there have already been 1,500 calls. Senator Mark Pryor has commented that requiring childproof packaging on containers of liquid nicotine is a common-sense solution.

If a child has been exposed to an easy-to-open bottle of liquid nicotine, the parents of the injured child may be able to file a complaint against the product manufacturer or the store where the product was displayed. An attorney may be able to assist the plaintiffs by establishing that the store’s failure to foresee the potential dangers of the product made them liable for the poisoning.

SourceWCTV, “Senators Propose Child Proof Packaging for Liquid Nicotene“, Julie Montanaro, July 10, 2014