Florida man injured in construction accident involving tractor

On June 13, a Brooksville man who was operating a small tractor at a construction site inside a vacant AmSouth bank building in Clearwater suffered leg injuries in an accident with the tractor. According to a report from a spokesman for Clearwater public safety, the accident occurred when the 32-year-old man working at a vacant bank building became trapped after the heavy piece of equipment resembling a Bobcat suddenly overturned, landed on his leg and became partially stuck inside an open elevator shaft.

When they responded to the scene, technical rescue personnel from the Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department lifted the tractor off of the construction worker’s leg by using airbags. It was reported that the victim was transported by helicopter to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, where he was treated for major injuries to his lower left leg.

Following a construction accident, an injured employee could suffer catastrophic injuries that could result in far-reaching effects such as long-term rehabilitation and permanent disabilities. During recuperation, the employee may also suffer financially from costly medical expenses and a loss of income. If the injured worker is a primary wage earner for a family, the family’s financial stability may be threatened from the sudden loss of income.

However, by filing for workers’ compensation benefits, people who were injured on the job may be able to be partially compensated for their losses including medical costs and lost wages. In cases where the employer’s insurance company decides to reject payment for the claim, a local attorney familiar with personal injury claims might assist the worker in appealing the case in an effort to recover losses he or she experienced due to the work-related accident.

SourceTampa Bay Times, “Worker injured in construction accident“, June 13, 2014