Amusement park rides not always safe for patrons

Miami-Dade is a popular vacation spot for families from all over the country. Amusement parks and other tourist attractions must present safe environments for their visitors or face potential court proceedings. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, recently had a roller coaster accident in which four people suffered minor injuries.

The park’s very popular roller coaster ride, known as the Ninja, has been entertaining park visitors since 1988 and is located in the 18th most popular theme park in North America. It takes riders strapped in with legs dangling along a roller coaster track at speeds sometimes reaching as fast as 55 miles per hour. According to the park’s description, there are almost no straight points of track once the coaster leaves the station.

On July 7, the roller coaster stopped in mid-ride and some were injured. According to a local news source, a tree branch on the track caused a derailment. An official park representative said that 25 riders were stranded when the ride stopped and had to be evacuated by emergency personnel and equipment. Four received minor injuries. All of the stranded riders remained conscious throughout the rescue, which lasted more than 2.5 hours.

When a dangerous property condition causes injury, the property owner may be found liable. The injured party might seek to recover his or her medical expenses and loss of income through a premises liability lawsuit. Most of the time, a settlement can be reached out of court through negotiations between the plaintiff’s lawyer and a legal representative of the property owner. If necessary, however, the plaintiff’s lawyer could provide representation in court.

SourceThe Huffington Post, “Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Accident Leaves 4 Injured, Dozens Stranded On The ‘Ninja’“, Ed Mazza, July 07, 2014