Studies link undiagnosed diabetes to heart attacks

Florida residents who have dealt with cardiovascular events such as heart attacks may want to take note of recent statistics presented by the American Heart Association. According to the organization, approximately 10 percent of heart attack victims suffer from undiagnosed diabetes. Research used in the study involved 24 U.S. hospitals. More than 2,800 patients at these facilities suffered heart attacks and did not realize that they had diabetes. The disease was diagnosed in these patients after testing their A1C levels.

According to statistics, 25.8 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with the disease. It is estimated that seven million have the disease but are undiagnosed. Pinpointing diabetes in those who suffer heart attacks may be important because of the connection between diabetes and heart disease. Experts indicate that early diagnosis and related treatment could prevent further complications as patients and healthcare providers address the diabetes through lifestyle changes, weight loss and diet. Making a diagnosis at the time of a heart attack may provide direction for a patient’s follow-up treatment.

Statistics indicate that 7 percent of patients with diabetes that was not diagnosed at the time of their heart attacks actually began diabetic treatment following the incident. In cases involving a diagnosis of diabetes at the time of heart attacks, 71 percent began diabetic treatment. Heart attack patients may want to pay attention to related testing to determine whether the disease may be at the root of cardiovascular problems. A patient may also want to investigate whether medical professionals have tested for the disease during treatment for a heart attack.

A patient dealing with continuing problems after a heart attack and discovering that diabetes was not diagnosed or that treatment was not recommended may want to discuss concerns about medical malpractice with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer may be able to assist in evaluating the merit of such a claim.

SourceMedical Daily, “Diabetes May Cause Heart Attacks When Doctors Fail To Diagnosis The Disease“, Samantha Olson , June 03, 2014