Family files suit against company for worker’s death

Workers in Florida may know that fatal workplace accidents have increased in some areas in the state. A representative for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that while workplace deaths have decreased nationwide, Florida’s increase in construction has led to a different situation there.

While the number of fatal injuries are highest in the Miami area, areas of Southwest Florida also reported 30 fatal accidents in the period 2007-2012. This number reflects only those reported by OSHA and may not be indicative of the actual number of accidents. Most injuries are due to falls, being hit by equipment at a job site or electrocution.

A construction accident in Lee County in which two workers were electrocuted is at the center of what some feel is representative of a disregard of the rules that keep workers safe. The incident occurred in 2012 when two workers repairing molding on a condo were electrocuted. The wife of one of the men has filed a lawsuit against the construction company, the equipment rental company, the condominium and her husband’s coworker. Saying the coworker had a responsibility to make sure power lines were switched off and the company they worked for did too, the suit claims the company ignored its responsibility to train workers when working around power lines.

Construction accidents account for a high number of workplace injuries, and employers should educate workers about rules of safety on the job particularly when working in dangerous situations. When this does not happen, a worker may be killed on the job and, as in this case, leave behind a family that depends on them. An attorney may review safety records and educational materials to establish negligence and help the family file a wrongful death claim to recover damages as provided in Florida’s wrongful death statute., “Danger still lurks for workers, reports show“, Andrea Rumbaugh, June 01, 2014