Woman left injured in Miami-Dade after dog bites

This is an interesting story about a woman who was attacked by a dog while riding her bike. At first glance, you might think that she was attacked by an entire pack of dogs based on the information with this story, but the facts may not be that obvious. If you’ve been attacked like this woman was in Florida, then you may want to see how she’s handling this very delicate, and dangerous, situation.

According to the news from May 21, the 67-year-old woman was riding her bike in Cutler Bay when a pack of four pit bulls approached and attacked her. One of the four dogs bit her lip, ankle and nose, leaving her with wounds that required hospitalization. She had to have both surgery and rehab for those dog bites.

Investigations into this attack have revealed something you might not expect. When one dog was attacking the woman, the other dogs may not have been. In fact, animal services said that the other dogs came to the scene when the first dog was attacking, and they starting attacking the dog that was hurting the woman.

The pit bull that hurt the woman was named Skye, and she had no record of vaccination. By law, that required the dog to be put down following the attack. Now, the facility holding the three additional pit bulls has an issue on their hands. Pit bills aren’t allowed in Miami-Dade, Florida, and so they must be moved to a new location, even if they weren’t the ones that caused the problem.

The injured woman has not blamed the breed but instead argued that it’s the owners who train their dogs to be violent. The owners in this case were given a number of citations for their pets, including one for having pit bulls in an area where they are not legal.

Source: NBC 6, “Pit Bull Attack Victim Doesn’t Blame Breed” No author given, May. 21, 2014