VA clinic settles 4 medical malpractice cases for $1 million

Veterans in Florida and all over the country deserve the best medical care possible. Unfortunately, many clinics operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs has failed to provide patients with a reasonable standard of care. In fact, VA clinics across the United States have been involved in approximately 1,000 wrongful death cases resulting in settlements totaling $200 million. Four such medical malpractice cases have been filed against one VA clinic, with the government settling with families for a total of $1.4 million.

President Obama has been outraged at the lack of adequate medical care that VA clinics provide. He has heard many horror stories and claims that the alleged misconduct will no longer be tolerated. Even though the current veterans affairs secretary is a war veteran himself, he has not done enough to protect the wounded warriors who depend on medical care to survive.

There have been numerous allegations about treatment delays at VA clinics. Many patients have died unnecessarily. Currently, 26 facilities throughout the country are under investigation.

One facility under scrutiny is the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic, located in Pennsylvania. Between 2003 and 2011, four veterans died at the facility. In two cases, medical staff failed to monitor patients. Another case involved improper treatment of a psychiatric patient. In another case, a patient died from a misdiagnosis.

Medical negligence should not be tolerated, and most would agree that there needs to be justice for those victimized by careless medical staff. Victims and their families in Florida and throughout the U.S. should continue to fight for the compensation they deserve.

SourceThe Mercury News, “4 medical malpractice suits against Coatesville VA clinic settled for $1M” Kristina Scala, May. 22, 2014