Hialeah pool shocks children while swimming

Some children playing recently in a Hialeah pool had a quite literally shocking experience as they attempted to enjoy a little fun in the Florida sun. The pool became electrically charged, probably due to unconnected ground wires in the pool’s pump, while children frolicked in the water.

Surveillance video captured the scene at the Palm West Garden apartment complex, showing children getting shocked after touching the metal hand railing by the steps in the shallow end. After receiving the charge of electricity, the kids were unable to move, and some were knocked unconscious.

Adults sprang into action, pulling their children and grandchildren from the pool while being shocked themselves. One grandfather was knocked back about a foot after pulling his unconscious granddaughter from the water.

The pool remains drained while investigators seek to fix the problem. The ground wires for the pump are supposed to take electrical charges down to the ground where they are harmlessly discharged. One resident of the apartment complex said that he does not feel comfortable swimming in the pool again. According to reports, the pool was inspected twice last year by the health department to ensure that it was up to electrical code and passed both times.

Owners of apartment complexes have a duty to residents and any guests to make sure that all features and amenities are safe for normal use and that no safety violations exist that could threaten the lives of those using the pool. If the owners and complex management fail to maintain their facilities and allow hazardous conditions to prevail, it opens them up to premises liability litigation pursued by those who were hurt on their property.

Sourcemyfoxphilly.com, “Surveillance Video Shows Kids Shocked In Apartment Complex Pool” No author given, May. 22, 2014