Bill fails to bring safety to school kids in dangerous conditions

There are a few ways a premises can become liable for dangerous or hazardous conditions around its business, and that’s something legislators in Florida have been trying to work with in Florida. Unfortunately, legislation that would have helped schools with liability issues related to dangerous conditions has not passed, even with the support of the schools. That could leave the schools open to lawsuits if a child is injured while there.

According to the May 16 news, some legislators were disappointed because several bills that they had fought for in Florida have failed. That included one bill that would have identified and corrected hazardous walking conditions at local elementary schools. That bill had been supported by the Florida School Board Association and the Florida Parent Teacher Association.

If the bill had passed, there would have been a requirement that state and local governments, along with the school board, would work together to identify and correct hazardous walking conditions. The bill would also have lowered the speed limit that makes for a dangerous walking condition down from 55 to only 50 mph. For instance, in Lake County, one area where a bus collects children is on a road where the speed limit is 50 mph. If the bill had passed, the school could have been reimbursed for picking children up along that road to prevent them from walking on a dangerous road where the speed limit is high.

According to the story, the legislation died this time, but it may be back during the next legislative session. The next time it goes back, it will go through without the fiscal impact on local governments, but even without that, there are still some people who oppose the legislation for fear of it costing too much locally.

Source: Daily Commercial, “Legislators applaud successes, lament failures” Livi Stanford, May. 16, 2014