Florida man dies in construction accident on State Road 408

Putting up billboards on the side of the roadways can help drum up business for companies. For the men and women who are responsible for putting up these huge advertising signs, getting the job done is a dangerous task partially because of the height of the billboard and partially because of the equipment necessary to install the signs. For one Florida worker, an accident that happened while he was putting up a billboard ended with his death.

The tragic construction accident happened off State Road 408 when one of the billboard sign metal poles shifted and struck the bucket the man was working from. The bucket was attached to a crane and was approximately 40 feet in the air. When the pole hit the bucket, the man fell. A witness reports that the cage the man was standing in was rocking and then fell off of the crane.

Paramedics who responded to the scene did chest compressions for 15 to 20 minutes. He was rushed to the hospital but ultimately succumbed to his injuries caused by the accident.

Tragic construction accidents like this highlight the need for proper safety protocol and proper equipment maintenance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials will investigate this tragedy to determine if any violations may have led to this man’s death. No matter what that shows, the fact remains that this man’s family now has to learn to cope with his death.

Dealing with medical bills and the final expenses, as well as the loss of income, resulting from an untimely death due to a workplace accident can be financially draining. Family members of those killed in workplace accidents might have the right to seek compensation for their loss to help lessen the financial strain.

SourceWESH.com, “Billboard crashes to ground; worker dies from injuries sustained during fall” Stephanie Kolp, May. 07, 2014