Slip and fall at Wal-mart leads to premises liability suit

Most Florida residents don’t expect a routine trip to their local Wal-mart to turn into an injury accident. Unfortunately, that was what happened to one woman after she slipped and fell while shopping at the retail giant. She has filed a premises liability claim for the injuries she suffered.

The Illinois woman is accusing Wal-mart of failure to keep the floor clean, failure to warn her of the hazard and failure to train employees. She also claims there were no signs or ropes to keep customers away from the wet floor. She is asking for more than $50,000, not including interest or court costs.

The woman slipped on a puddle of water while shopping at Wal-mart on June 3, 2012. She subsequently fell, causing multiple injuries to the spine, back and extremities. According to the lawsuit, the injuries allegedly have caused her numerous damages, including medical bills, lost wages and the inability to work.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause injuries to numerous parts of the body, as seen in this case. They can cause not only bruises, but broken bones, extreme pain and even head trauma. These injuries can temporarily or permanently disable a person and cause them pain for many months or even years.

Injuries caused by a slip and fall may require surgery, rehabilitation and medication. This can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Dealing with these types of injuries can be costly, which is why businesses need to invest in the time to properly train employees to recognize wet floors and take the appropriate measures to keep customers safe. This will help prevent a dangerous property condition from occurring.

SourceThe Madison-St. Clair Record, “O’Fallon Wal-Mart customer claims injuries in slip and fall” No author given, Apr. 24, 2014